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Welcome, Amigo! Unfortunately, I don’t have any glamorous world-class titles to reel you in and get you swooning over me immediately. But keep reading, you might like what I have to offer.

I pride myself in my journey of self-disruption — one that revolves around becoming better and extraordinary because I have been a miserable loser almost my entire life.

At first glance, I may not be the perfect paradigm to embody the full spectrum of qualities you expect from someone you can look up to. Notwithstanding, I do have palpitating stories, rich experiences and enough knowledge to share. Just like you, I have been a failure. I have obsessed over a girl. I have been weak-resolved, unfocused and childish. I have made a humongous multitude of stupid, life-threatening decisions.

Moreover, I grew up as an introvert with extreme social anxiety. I tiptoed in loud places and walked on eggshells around the things I desired. All it took to quake my boots was a frown, a negative comment, or a short opposing paragraph of someone else’s rhetoric. Yeah, I was this fragile. Not anymore!

I consider myself a healing train wreck, spawned from this lingering trauma of years of deep insecurity, social anxiety and crass immaturity. But I am rapidly growing beyond these margins that once trumped my potential. My plethora of appalling mistakes has made me better. Nevertheless, I’m not fail-proof. My confidence fluctuates. I sometimes collide with unexpected moments of fear, spurts of self-doubts and unnerving reflexes outside the sphere of my control.

What is my blog going to be about?

Just sharing my firsthand experiences, thoughts and knowledge. I love to write about self-improvement ( things I have applied and experimented with that have amplified my growth ). I will occasionally sprinkle specks from my tech knowledge. So yeah! Get some popcorn and grab a seat. Inhale the breeze and bask in the glorious glow of my writing paradise. Feel free to interrupt me in the comments ( I wanna learn from you as well )

Faddal Ibrahim is my name, a rising junior at Ashesi University. I am a Software Engineer, Meticulous Writer and Spokenword Artiste. I am glad and thankful that you read to the end. Let’s get started!

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About Me

I go to extreme lengths to deconstruct domains that pique my interest. I'm incredibly curious and a creative, deep-thinker. I'm always ready for the next challenge and intellectual thrill in the arena of life.

I love anime, memes, coding, writing and design thinking

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