Growth Delusion – is this holding you back?

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Since our last conversation, I have collided with walls many times than I have phased through them. Lately, I get these random 2 am urges to fix my life but don’t know where to start. It’s not as though something tragic is wrong, but it’s more like being tortured by the anxiety of what’s gonna happen if I keep falling behind my performance curve.

What do I do in response? I go down this rabbit hole of doing anything (coding, writing, reading etc.) to experience an illusion of growth. As this is just an aimless knee-jerk reflex, it takes me nowhere. The recent lack of a streamlined roadmap for the things I wanna do is bugging me.

hence, this post – Growth Delusion, to share some of the things I think are contributing to this feeling.

What do I exactly mean? Let’s find out. I will be straightforward and brief


Reading many books, listening to podcasts and taking online courses without applying what I learned extensively. Mine is just to sail through and feel accomplished; probably post my certificates on LinkedIn and bask in the spotlight. Speaking of books, I am still on page 73 of Atomic Habits since last summer and incomplete courses? terrible


I start with a colossal spark, notice tremendous improvements, and become lax. I expand my comfort zone a little and then fall back to merry. Or conversely, I don’t see any noticeable improvements and decide to take a break, hoping to return later but never do because it gets piled among other things.

not living in the present

Always thinking ahead of time, of every contingency there is, where even what I am making plans for is not close. Ignoring the “now” for fear of messing up the “next”. Need I say more?


Having lots of interests/commitments and all of them screaming for your attention simultaneously. Trying to give each one of them equal attention doesn’t work (at least, from my experience). Focus on the ones that precisely align with your current goals to accelerate your success. Also, Pareto’s Principle?


Thinking it’s too early or risky to take a step in a new direction. Holding back my creativity and ideas for fear of obliterating every past success I have had.

If any of these apply to you, time to re-route. 🚀

What do you think of these points? Do you agree or have insightful contributions? Drop them ✌️

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