Bumpy ride since graduation, and this post is basically paragraphs of me venting. Where do I even start, and what do I talk about? 🤔 Ok, I have had an abysmal run in performance so far. Also, on my badge is a voluminous record of unnecessary milestones. Regardless, a win is a win, and I refuse to feed on the tasteless crumbs of some emotional leftovers 😎 Lately, my thoughts have been murky with a...

Getting rejected 5 consecutive times from the MLH FELLOWSHIP


Hellooo, if you are new here, check out my blog intro For the rest of you, here comes one of my most frustrating string of rejections that struck a dent in my ego. The most frustrating was the 5th. Almost Ronaldo-esque (planned a wordplay here with the jersey number 7, but 5 just had to steal my thunder), after getting kicked out of the world cup — anyway, he is still my GOAT 🐐 Don’t...



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I go to extreme lengths to deconstruct domains that pique my interest. I'm incredibly curious and a creative, deep-thinker. I'm always ready for the next challenge and intellectual thrill in the arena of life.

I love anime, memes, coding, writing and design thinking

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